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Mar 20

Feb 22

Ok, so I saw last weeks episode and this weeks.


Feb 10

Anonymous asked: 3 and why

Sweetie Belle, Because I think she Is the cutest of all the fillies. <3

Especially when the CMC’s made a band for the talent show XD

Feel free Anypony :D

1. Who’s your Waifu?

2. Biggest Fear?

3. Favorite Filly?

4. Favorite T.V Show?

5. Favorite Color?

6. Favorite Brony Song(s)?

7. Favorite Band?

8. Favorite Subject”

9. Ever done drugs?

10. Height?

11. Weight?

12. Talents?

13. Pet peeves?

14. How do you blow off steam?

15. How did you come up with your tumblr name?

16. Favorite OC?

17. How many OC’s?

18. Can I ship them?

19. OC Names?

20. Console or PC?

Feb 8

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