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Everything Pony 24/7/365. Have a Passion for Ponies? So do I :D. I'm 16 and a Stallion. I usually post pony stuff every week. From Conventions I attend to Gifs and Pics from the show.
(If I disappear for a while and don't post anything, It's usually because I am busy :P)

Jul 21

Jul 20

Jul 10

Anonymous said: Ok 1-20

Oh boy.

1, Waifu?) Applejack <3

2, Fear?). Failure

3, Favorite Filly?). Sweetie Belle

4, Favorite TV Show?). Walking Dead

5, Color?). Blue

6, Fav Brony Song(s)?). Nightmare Night, Beyond Her Tomb, Rainbow Factory, Pegasus Device, Awoken, Discord, Batty, Brony Metal Medley, Diamond Dogs, Don’t Mine at Night, Hush, Luna, Mad Mares, Pony Swag, Sinking Ships, Rainbow Fun Factory, This Monster in Me, This song made man a Fluttershy, Ultimate Sweetie Belle, Want it Need it, Prance, This Day Aria (Stormwolf Remix)

7, Fav Band?). A7X

8, Fav Subject?). History

9, Dont Drugs?). Never

10, Height?). 5’ 5”

11, Weight?). Last time I checked 140

12, Talent?). Voice talent 

13, Pet Peeves?). Unappreciative People and Idiots

14, Blow of steam?). Shadow Boxing

15, tumblr name origin?). Came to me

16, Favorite OC?). Cant really think of any

17, How many OC’s do you have?). As of now 14

18, Can I ship them?). Go ahead.

19, OC Names?). . Dr. DJ Vinyl, Vapor Wave, Spade, Pi2, Agent Sly, Compound Reaction, Golden Interest, Sparx, Sally Script. (There are many more)

20, Console or PC?). PC

imjoshadams said: Hey, I don't suppose you have that picture you took with me at MWBFKC (Vinyl Scratch cosplay). I forgot to get a picture of myself, and haven't found any pictures where I'm in the background. Thanks!

I do have it still.

willmelon said: Describe your happy place.

Hmm, My Happy place would be in my room, with my PC, and with no interruptions :P

Jul 6

Attention Garry’s Mod Peoples

I want to inform everyone of a new Garry’s Mod Zombie Survival server

"Assiduous Gaming ZS"

This server started a few weeks ago, and I want to help the owner get some server population.

The server includes may features such as; Custom Playermodels, Weapons, FastDL, and Zombie Classes

Feel free to swing on by and stay for a while at this IP “”

Expect to see me “Thyne Stache” in the server. I am an active administrator and a really friendly one as well ;)

Thanks, can’t wait to fight along with you against the zombie scourge :D

Jul 3
Happy Independence Day Everypony :D

Happy Independence Day Everypony :D

Happy Independence Day Everypony :D

Happy Independence Day Everypony :D

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